Friday, December 27, 2013

Full Arch Implant Prostheses

Zurick Bridge (Zirconia substructure with pressed eMax crowns)

Description: Full arch or partial arch implant prosthesis.  Allows for a very esthetic replacement of both teeth and gingival tissue.  Requires 4 or more implants.  Requires about 10 mm of interocclusal space (top of the implant platform to the occlusal plane).  Fulfills a need to replace missing gingival height.

Advantages: esthetics tooth replacement, full arch tooth replacement, correction of implant angulation discrepancy, excellent function, replacement of lost gingival tissue, force distribution, implant splinting, ease of crown replacement if damaged in the future

Disadvantages: cost, possible future maintenance or repair costs, more difficult access to implant screws if needed in the future

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  1. I could never work in the medical field, but I definitely appreciate those who do. I really like being able to chew my food and there is only so much I can do for my teeth alone. Getting extra help and fixes is really good.