Friday, January 20, 2012

AnteriorTooth Screw Retained Implant Provisional Crown with Zimmer Carrier

Initial Intraoral photo

  Diagnostic Mounting with Diagnostic Wax Up

 Surgical Guide for Maxillary implants (use while increasing drill size)

Surgical Guide for Maxillary Implants (location and angulation guide)

Implant Location Index using surgical guide day of implant placement (GC pattern Resin and Zimmer implant carrier)

Original Cast Duplicate with area removed for implant analog placement

Implant index on duplicate cast

Analog in place using low expansion stone.  Abutment on analog.  Abutment fabricated from a Zimmer implant carrier and sand blasted to remove color.

Occlusal View of analog and abutment on cast.  Note: it is important to contour the cast by removing unwanted stone around the abutment to allow for better emergence of the crown.  The emergence may need adjusting after trying it in the mouth.

 Jet acrylic in a matrix placed over the abutment site.  Processed in warm water and a pressure pot.

Untrimmed provisional on cast after pressure pot curing.

Occlusal view

Preliminary trimming of the provisional prior to polishing.  Note: it will most likely be necessary to add appropriate acrylic at the cervical portion of the provisional with it off the cast, cure it again, and trim to proper contours with a bur.  Careful not to touch the burn to the metal abutment.

 Occlusal View

 Patient smiling with provisional crown in place.

Retracted view of provisional crown day of uncover/insertion.

1 month photo of provisional in the mouth.  Note: brush beading acrlyic to the cervical may be necessary to obtain the proper contours for your implant provisional (not done here)