Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Semi-Precision attachment RPD - 3 different techniques


There are actually a couple ways to address the fabrication of a semi-precision attachment RPD.

1. Fabricate the crowns, do not cement until delivery - process female housing in acrylic
    1. Prepare teeth, provisionals, impression, mounted casts, survey crown design and fabrication, try-in crowns, pick up impression of crowns, die incorporation or resin dies in cast, RPD framework fabrication, metal framework try-in with crowns, interocclusal records to mount, wax up tooth set up, try-in, acrylic connection of female housing to RPD framework, crown removed for cast and blocked out with plaster,try-in, process, cement crowns, deliver RPD 

      2. Fabricate the crowns, cement immediately, direct pick-up of housing in the mouth
        1. cement crowns, impression with female metal housing attached to crowns, frame work fabrication, framework try-in, tooth wax up, try-in, process, pick up attachment in the mouth, deliver RPD 


        3. Do Not Cement Crown and Fabricate Metal Housing for Attachments in RPD Frame
          1. Pick up impression of crowns, die incorporation or resin dies cast, duplicate cast with plastic clips on crown attachment, RPD framework fabrication with female housing cast as part of design, wax up, try-in, process, cement crowns, deliver RPD