Thursday, January 19, 2012

True Immediate Maxillary Complete Denture and Rotational Path Mandibular RPD

This case was pretty fun.  The patient came in with a need to extract all their maxillary teeth and mandibular anterior teeth due to severe aggressive periodontal disease.  An immediate maxillary complete denture was fabricated in conjunction with a mandibular interim RPD.  Teeth were selected using his natural teeth as a guide for mold selection, shade was selected per the patient's request.  The patient absolutely loved the tooth selection and arrangement of his immediate denture.  Thus after several months of healing and management of the patient with soft liners the maxillary interim denture was re-fitted to his stable maxillary arch with a lab processed hard re-line.  Once that was complete a rotational path RPD was designed, fabricated, and delivered.  The following shows a picture representation of the basic process.